Following on from the early successes of the current Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research (CEIDR), a next ambitious expansion phase will be announced shortly. This will bring together world-leading academic expertise from both the Liverpool School and Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool to create a step-change in tackling infectious diseases in general and the existential threat to human health posed by Antimicrobial Resistance in particular.

The Centre’s current, vital activities focused on translational partnering in infectious diseases will continue under the new name of CEIDR Innovations.

CEIDR Innovations will continue to provide a single point of access for industry into a broad infectious diseases expertise base in Liverpool for translational activity. 

CEIDR Innovations develops partnerships with industry, applying the technologies, expertise and resources of the University of Liverpool, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, associated NHS Trusts and overseas partners in the rapid translation of infectious diseases research, with a primary focus to combat the threats of resistance to public health across the globe. Infectious diseases cause a high burden of morbidity and mortality all over the world, with resistance being a key underlying issue, placing a substantial strain on limited health budgets, health systems and economies.

Both CEIDR and CEIDR Innovations are partnerships between the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.