CEIDR - Translational Pump Priming Fund – Frequently Asked Questions



If the criteria are met of having LSTM or the University of Liverpool (UoL) as lead plus at least one co-applicant from LSTM, UoL &/Liverpool NHS Trusts, is it OK to have further co-applicants from other UK or overseas academic institutions? If the primary criteria are met it is acceptable to have other co-applicants including those from UK or overseas academic institutions

Do we need to submit an “Intention to Submit” ?


LSTM staff will need to submit Intention to Submit for tracking purposes and approval will be automatic. This process enables an applications officer to be allocated to assist in preparation of costings. University of Liverpool (UoL) staff should follow the internal approval and costing process.

Co-applicants are asked to include a statement from their Head of Department, what should this cover?

A simple signed statement confirming interest and support for the project

Are overheads to be included in the costing?

No these projects will not have overhead costs applied by LSTM or UoL

How will money be transferred to partners?

CEIDR is managing the fund and the monies sit with LSTM. A contract will be set up with partner organisation (e.g. UoL or an NHS Trust) to allow transfer of funds.

Who costs the project?


At LSTM – Research Management Services via Converis

At UoL – via a research support officer as per normal costing process for grants (with option to liaise with departmental finance team if this is your current process).

I have an idea but am struggling to find a suitable partner- can you help?

CEIDR/Steve Hillier, UoL can help to network and identify potential partners – please get in touch as far in advance of the closing date as possible.

Do the PI and Co-I have to be working in infection research currently?

No but infection must be the focus of the project. The partner can be from another discipline such as chemistry or engineering but keep in mind our aim to encourage partnerships between UoL and/or LSTM and/or Liverpool NHS Trusts.

Can I use other funding to support the project?


The grants will be awarded for defined projects, but it is acceptable to use CEIDR TPP awards to complement (but not replicate) activities under recently awarded research funding from other schemes e.g. including but not limited to Confidence in Concept or Proximity to Discovery. The additional value that will be achieved using the CEIDR TPP funds must be clearly justified.

I already have a project underway. Can I use the funding for this?

CEIDR will not duplicate work already funded under a grant but could fund additional work e.g. market assessment, other complementary work. This will be viewed positively and should be highlighted on the application.

Can I employ staff to support the project?

Yes costs staff can be included and should be costed appropriately. Timescales for recruitment (if applicable) should be borne in mind given the start and end dates given in the Application Form.

How long can the project be?


The maximum duration is 18 months from 1st September 2019.  Shorter projects are acceptable so plan and cost what is appropriate for your project.

Does the project have to be directly translational and have an impact on health?

Your project may be early stage and involve basic research however the longer term aim must be to meet an unmet market need. This could be e.g. a treatment, diagnostic, vaccine or a technology that will have a commercial impact.  Impact on policy will not be excluded

Can preliminary data in support of the grant application be included?

Preliminary data can be included in support of the grant application, in pdf format on up to one page A4

How could existing industry partners participate in the project?

Industry partners could clarify/support the market need and/or may contribute in-kind and/or may provide financial support. Tangible or in-kind support from industry is not a requirement but evidence of industry interest will be viewed favourably in the assessment of an application. Appropriate confidentiality agreements should be in place. Contact CEIDR for guidance if needed.



Is it a requirement to have an existing industrial partner?

No but industry interest would add weighting. The project needs to have commercial/translational potential. If there is commercial interest; this is an added benefit as it endorses the project. In-kind contribution can be e.g. access to equipment or provision of materials.

How basic can the work be ?


The work can be basic, but it should have a route to translation. Translation (i.e. market impact) might be many years in the future but the market need should be clear and communicated. The work must lead on to more substantial R&D activities.

Follow on funding

Consideration must  be given to which follow on funder(s) will be approached to continue the work at the end of the project.

Are projects with UoL and LSTM partners scored higher?


One of CEIDR’s objectives is to encourage collaborations between organisations and applications that include co-applicants from different Liverpool institutions (HEIs and/or NHS Trusts) will receive a higher priority for funding. The will be weighted higher than UoL/UoL or LSTM/LSTM collaborations, which are not excluded.

Would a project further along the translational pipeline be higher weighting?

No. The quality and potential of the project is most important.

Who will judge the applications?


CEIDR’s Partnership Group will assess the applications.  The Group members are academic experts from LSTM and UoL and is chaired by Professor David Lalloo and Professor Louise Kenny

Who you can collaborate with?


CEIDR’s objective is to stimulate new collaborations and/or new initiatives and not to duplicate existing funding. We particularly encourage collaborations across different organisations UoL and/or LSTM and/or NHS

How can applications be submitted?

Applications must be submitted electronically by email to tpp@ceidr.org.uk  by 4pm on 30th April 2019

When will applicants be advised of results?

The aim is to advise applicants by the end of June 2019.

When is the start date?

1st September 2019

Can individuals submit more than one application?

Yes each applicant is allowed to submit or participate in more than one application

If the criteria are met of having LSTM or the University of Liverpool (UoL) as lead plus at least one co-applicant from LSTM, UoL &/Liverpool NHS Trusts, is it OK to have other co-applicants including other UK or overseas academic institutions?

If the primary criteria are met it is acceptable to have other co-applicants including other UK or overseas academic institutions