CEIDR Translational Pump Priming Fund Guidance on Transparency and Managing Conflicts of Interest

Transparency and conflict of interest

CEIDR is committed to transparency throughout the decision-making process and it is important to us to manage all real, potential or apparent conflicts of interest with integrity, impartiality, honesty and openness. A CEIDR TPP Award Panel member must never influence, or be seen to influence, the outcome.  A conflict of interest exists where:

  • The applicant is a close friend or relative
  • An CEIDR TPP Award Panel member is directly involved in the work the applicant proposes to carry out
  • An CEIDR TPP Award Panel member may benefit financially from the work (for example if involved with a company acting as a project partner)
  • An CEIDR TPP Award Panel member works in the same research group as the applicant(s), co-applicant(s) or project partners
  • An CEIDR TPP Award Panel member works closely with the applicant or has done within the last five years

As part of the scoring, each CEIDR TPP Award Panel member will be asked to state (Y or N) if they feel they have a conflict of interest for any of the projects.  If they answer Y, they will not score that particular project and the final GPA will be adjusted to reflect the lower number of scorers.

CEIDR Partnership Group

The final decision on which projects to fund within the funding envelope will be made, based on the weighted average of the CEIDR TPP Award Panel scores, by the CEIDR Partnership Group at a meeting in June 2019. Members of the CEIDR Partnership Group will be asked to declare any conflict of interest at the start of the meeting and will be requested to leave the meeting when individual project discussions are taking place. Membership of the CEIDR Partnership group can be found here

Detailed minutes of this part of the CEIDR Partnership Group meeting will be taken and made available for inspection. If you would like to see the minutes at the end of the process please contact CEIDR at ceidr@ceidr.org.uk