Project Assessment

Each application will be scored by each member of the CEIDR TPP Award Panel. They will be requested to assess and score each project and each criteria between 0 – 5, where 0 is a poor fit for the criteria and 5 is an excellent fit.

Criteria for assessment of the CEIDR TPP applications are:

  • Co-applicant criteria met
  • Research team quality and track record
  • Research quality and competitiveness
  • Translational & impact potential
  • Development and funding pathway
  • Value for money

A grade point average (GPA) will be calculated based on the number of reviewers who actually scored.  Each member of CEIDR TPP Award Panel is required to stipulate for each project if they have a conflict of interest and if they do, they will not score that particular application.  The GPA is calculated without the conflicted CEIDR TPP Award Panel member.

A weighting will be added to the GPA if the project includes one or more of the following:

Co-applicants from different Liverpool institutions (HEIs and/or NHS Trusts)

A letter of support or committed in-kind or other tangible (e.g. financial) support (but not fee for service or other purchased support) from an industrial organisation.

It will not be possible to give individual feedback on unsuccessful applications.