We can help you move discovery research into an effective innovation pipeline.

Our combined facilities offer access to:

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise in adjacent buildings on our Liverpool campus
  • New Containment Level 3 facilities that regularly handle Hazard Group 3 human pathogens
  • In vitro and in vivo models of infection
  • Adjacent space in our bespoke ‘incubator building’ (which will open in summer 2017)
  • Expertise and specialist facilities in our Malawi Research Programme
  • Access to patient populations in both the North West of England through Liverpool Health Partners and in low-income country settings across the world.

When requested we can help manage portfolios of projects which address the whole product lifecycle, from basic research through to policy change. This end-to-end approach positions us at the interface between academia, health services and the private sector, we can help to bring the most promising interventions to market more quickly and ensure that our research is more directly relevant to patient needs in diverse settings.

Funding the future of Innovative healthcare

Our portfolio of external research grants is worth in Excess of £100 million per annum (from funders including industry, MRC, The Wellcome Trust, USAID, DFID, BMGF, NIHR,and the European Union) and covers antimicrobials, diagnostics, drugs, vaccines and vector control products at all stages of the pipeline – from early stage discovery to large scale operational implementation and evaluation.