Diagnostics development

Collaborating with a variety of SMEs and large diagnostic companies to perform diagnostic development for infectious disease, our projects range from detection of AMR targets to the development of multiplex panel field tests for emerging infectious diseases. We focus on the development of tests that can be used in community settings where diagnostic results can initiate prompt and appropriate therapy.

Diagnostic evaluation platform

We can perform alpha and beta testing for diagnostics in our category II and III laboratories, plus field testing of diagnostics internationally from community settings to reference laboratory situations. Our Clinical Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory is a fully accredited unit which acts as a reference centre for the NHS and has access to a large range of samples for diagnostics validation. In addition, international field testing facilities are available for diagnostics aimed for use at point-of-care in less developed countries.

Diagnostic implementation

LSTM has an international reputation for the implementation of diagnostics for TB, HIV, malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). We work with a variety of stakeholders to initiate diagnostics interventions based on evidence and policy. LSTM houses the Cochrane Collaboration for Infectious Disease bringing together evidence on clinical trials, including diagnostics, to inform policy.