PK & PD analyses

Liverpool has world-leading programmes in antimicrobial PK/PD, encompassing extensive expertise in exploratory and regulatory PK/PD study design, modelling and simulations needed to support discovery efforts suitable for FDA and EMA scrutiny.

This expertise is enhanced through GLP-accredited analytical facilities with more than 10 LCMS workstations. The group has capability in micro-dosing PK studies, pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo PK/PD evaluation in disease relevant models (including hollow fibre infection models that are increasingly mandated by regulatory bodies and innovative cell-culture models). The group also has capability in formal human clinical PK/PD trials in multiple patient populations including, neonates, children, and the critically ill.

There is a critical mass of investigators with experience in PK/PD analysis of new anti-infective therapeutics, novel combinations and resistance modulators. Liverpool has a track record and expertise in working with industry and developing data packages for regulatory submission.